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Fundraising Campaign for Renovation and Construction

OUR MISSION: To enrich the lives of older adults and all those who serve the in faith-based communities, where life is celebrated, relationships are valued, teamwork is embraced, service excellence is expected, and the touch of God’s love is ever-present and ageless.

CAMPAIGN STATEMENT: Fair Haven and Wesley Place on Honeysuckle will create home for every resident, regardless of health condition, and regardless of which area of the community he or she chooses as home.

CAMPAIGN NAME: In keeping with the theme of Redefining Home, the Campaign for Fair Haven shall be known as Fair Haven: Redefining Home. The Campaign for Wesley Place on Honeysuckle will be known as Wesley Place on Honeysuckle: Redefining Home

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501(c)(3) DESIGNATION: All Campaign contributions will be solicited and accepted in the name of Methodist Home for the Aging, in keeping with the organizations 501(c)(3) designation.

CAMPAIGN GOALS: Funding for the Redefining Home Campaigns will:

1) Fully fund the construction of an additional Long Term Care Household building at Fair Haven;

2) Fully fund the conversion of the existing nursing wings (and Assisted Living at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle) into Neighborhoods;

3) Provide critical resources needed to strengthen the community's financial undergirding, which helps keep resident room rates affordable and reasonable across the entire community; and

4) Will help each community plan and implement innovative projects and programs which will have a lasting and profound impact on the elders who live at Fair Haven or Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, their families, the community at-large, and/or the entire elder care industry.

CAMPAIGN FUNDING GOAL Fair Haven: $12,705,000
CAMPAING FUNDING GOAL Wesley Place on Honeysuckle: $1,365,000


Formed under Alabama law in 1956 in Birmingham, Alabama, Methodist Homes of Alabama & Northwest Florida (aka Methodist Home for the Aging) became an innovator in senior housing and geriatric care in the state of Alabama. Over the years, Methodist Homes added 12 more communities under its banner, including 4 communities in Florida, and now serves about 1,200 residents. Fair Haven, the first and the largest of the Methodist Homes communities, opened its doors in 1961. Wesley Place on Honeysuckle (formerly known as Wesley Manor) opened its doors in 1968.

For 55 years, Methodist Homes has provided quality care for older adults in a loving Christian environment. The original design of Fair Haven accommodated 140 assisted living units that has since grown to a continuum of care providing garden homes, independent living apartments, assisted living, specialty care assisted living (memory care), short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and Alzheimer’s/dementia care. Today, Fair Haven is home to almost 300 residents campus-wide. Wesley Place on Honeysuckle has grown to accommodate 200 residents campus-wide, offering assisted living, specialty care assisted living (memory care), short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and Alzheimer's/dementia care.

In December of 2015, a $90 million bond issue raised the capital for the construction of four new buildings and the renovation of several existing structures according to a new home model of health care environment called a Household. Three of these buildings are being built in Birmingham and one in Dothan.


1) Construction of Households. Households are health care environments built on the model of a home, complete with a private entryway, kitchen, living room, family style dining room, den, and more. In a Household, smaller numbers of residents enjoy person-centered care in a physical and interpersonal relationship environment that reflects home.

2) Renovation into Neighborhoods. Where it is impractical to fully embrace a Household building structure, Fair Haven and Wesley Place on Honeysuckle will renovate into the Neighborhood model, the Household’s closest kin. The interpersonal relationship environment is exactly the same as in a Household, bringing person-centered care to every resident living at Fair Haven and Wesley Place on Honeysuckle. In a Neighborhood, long corridors of institutional space are renovated into home by breaking them up with living rooms, kitchens, family-style dining rooms and other home spaces.

3) Resident-directed, person-centered care. Reframing of the organization’s top-down leadership structure is currently underway. Steering Teams at both communities, comprised of about 20 individuals each from a variety of professional disciplines, are charged with creating organizational leadership structures, policies and guidelines that bring the decision making as close to the resident as possible.

4) Be Alabama’s leader in the innovative Household & Neighborhood models of senior care.

5) Provide naming opportunities to recognize donor participation in support of the campaigns.

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