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Fair Haven in Birmingham, Alabama

Wesley Manor in Dothan, Alabama

Wesley Gardens in Montgomery, Alabama

Mathison in Panama City, Florida

Wesley Haven Villa in Pensacola, Florida

Epworth House in Selma, Alabama


Fair Haven

Fair Haven Retirement Community

Birmingham, Alabama

In a review by Anna B. about Fair Haven (Birmingham, AL):

"Recently, due to dementia, my mother moved into the specialty care unit. From day one the staff has worked effortlessly to make my mother feel at home. They have spent time with her, loved her, nurtured her, and focused on her happiness by giving her attention, love, and support. The result has been fabulous. She has thrived on the structured environment that offers consistent routines and engaging daily activities that so many like her desire and need. The low turn-over staff means that they have gotten to know my Mom and how to help her with just the help she needs. They are warm, friendly, and respectful. When I visit, I am greeted by name and always with a smile. In addition, the deliciously prepared meals keep her satisfied because the food is always high quality, well prepared, and nutritious. Fair Haven has met and exceeded our family’s expectations. Simply put, I would highly recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for a community that is very clean and where administrators and staff aim to please. This is a friendly and caring environment for your loved one."

In a note from Miriam about Fair Haven (Birmingham, AL):

"Thank you and all for the wonderful lunch and guided tour of Fair Haven. You all have made a great difference in my friend XXXX these past few weeks. It is a joy to see her so happy and adjusting to life at Fair Haven. I am not ready to go and come there just yet but it would be my choice especially since the pastor said "It was a mission" and that is what all of us over 70 need - especially the good food, kindness and lemon box pie. My best to all of you.

In an email from Jeffery about Fair Haven (Birmingham, AL):

"My name is XXXX XXXX and I was the sponsor for my mother, XXXX XXXX. She was a patient on 2 North and had severe Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately she passed away... I would just like to say what wonderful people you have on your staff. Alzheimer’s is an awful disease with no chance for any improvement, it only seemed to get worse as time progressed. Your staff made it at least bearable for her and our family. When my mother was first admitted Mrs. Griffiths in the business office was a great help as I had no idea the process to be admitted, much less through Medicaid. Dr. Hayes is who I spoke with about mothers’ health and medicines and she seemed to always have time to listen and try and make the best of my mother’s condition. Last, but by no means least, are the nurses, crna’s and workers on 2 North. I spoke mostly with Joanne and she was excellent, always taking the time to speak with me, but all the staff on 2 North were excellent and I’m sorry I don’t remember all their names. They seemed to really care and tried to make the best of things for my mother. The bottom line is Alzheimer’s is an awful disease and you and your staff made a “HUGE” difference in her quality of life the past year and a half of my mother’s life. It will always be remembered and appreciated how everyone at Fairhaven treated her. Thank you again for taking such good care of my mom."

In a note from Miriam about Fair Haven (Birmingham, AL):

"Thank you and all for the wonderful lunch and guided tour of Fair Haven. You all have made a great difference in my friend XXXX these past few weeks. It is a joy to see her so happy and adjusting to life at Fair Haven. I am not ready to go and come there just yet but it would be my choice especially since the pastor said "It was a mission" and that is what all of us over 70 need - especially the good food, kindness and lemon box pie. My best to all of you.

In an email from Steve about Fair Haven (Birmingham, AL):

"We lost Aunt XXXX last Thursday, March 15th. It was truly a blessing as she had Alzheimer's for the past 10 years and has been in a 24/7 care facility during her final years. She started a rapid decline early last week and thankfully passed on at 3:40 am. as I held her hand while listening to her favorite music on my I-Phone. She was 89 years old. Please send up a prayer for those incredible caregivers who have been our salvation over these past 8 years. They provided such loving care for her and we could not have been more grateful. Thanks so much and be well,"

In a letter from Jean about Fair Haven (Birmingham, AL):

"One day, earlier this year (while at the nail salon) I overheard someone talking about Fair Haven and how pleased they were with the love, care and services that their mother was currently receiving. I had driven down Montclair Road many times and had seen Fair Haven but, I was unfamiliar with the services that the Retirement Community offered. At that particular time I was caring for my mother at home, all while working and maintaining my roles as a wife, mother, grandmother and an active church member. Little did I know just how wonderful I would find Fair Haven to be!!! From the moment I walked through the doors of Fair Haven, I felt at peace about situation at hand. Each and every staff member I encountered was just wonderful! I mean really WONDERFUL!!! They were all such caring people who took the time to answer our questions and make sure we had everything we needed... I feel so good about having my mother at Fair Haven and I tell everyone how wonderful the staff is. I am so thankful that someone told me about Fair Haven, and I am going to do my best to tell other people who are in need of long-term care services to consider Fair Haven as a wonderful option and resource! Thank you for the service that you provide and thank you for taking great care of my mother! God Bless You!"


Wesley Manor

Wesley Manor Retirement Community

Dothan, Alabama

In a letter from Nancy about Wesley Manor (Dothan, AL):

"Thank you so much for sharing your smiles, hugs, and encouraging conversations, with my mother and aunt, as you work each day at Wesley Manor. Thank each of you!"

Webb Reyner!

In an interview with Mr. Webb Reyner of Dothan about Wesley Manor (Dothan, AL):

"My wife began declining about five years ago with the progression of Pics Complex which is somewhat similar to Dementia when we became part of the Wesley Manor family. The staff has such a loving way about them and is so caring. They offer Christian love and go out of their way to be nice and make sure my wife’s needs are met. I am thankful for everything they provide and do at Wesley Manor and have nothing but praise for the entire staff."

Jo Mixson!

In an interview with Mrs. Jo Mixson of Dothan about Wesley Manor (Dothan, AL):

"We are Methodists in our faith and Wesley Manor is the only place we would go. You couldn’t have better care. I would rate the staff very high and look at them as family; they become part of your family. They touch lives each day and the staff is truly a great team. I appreciate Wesley Manor and am looking forward to their continued growth."

Wyndle Enfinger!

In an interview with Mr. Wyndle Enfinger about Wesley Manor (Dothan, AL):

"My mother was here for three years before passing and my stepfather has been here for 15 months. Wesley Manor is close and convenient for me. The care my mother received and my stepfather is receiving has been tremendous. I tried keeping both of them at home because I didn’t want to say I had to send them to the nursing home. This is a mistake so many of us make. It has been a blessing with such dedicated staff. They give good care, are accommodating to our needs and we all work together."

Linda Little!

In an interview with Ms. Linda Little about Wesley Manor (Dothan, AL):

"The Lord led me here and we’ve been here with my mother for 3 ½ years now. I would not think of going anywhere else. The staff takes good care of my mother, and we love it here. They have fun together. My husband and I truly enjoy coming each day. They are not only my mother’s family; the staff of Wesley Manor has become my family. I want to give my mother the best in her remaining years, and I know she gets that at Wesley Manor."


Wesley Gardens

Wesley Gardens Assisted Living

Montgomery, Alabama

In letters from residents & family members about Wesley Gardens (Montgomery, AL):

"I love being at Wesley Gardens, we are one big happy family."

"Living at Wesley Gardens is ideal for me. The food, the care, the activities, the special programs and the caring staff cause me to know that this is the 'right place' for me."

"Being at Wesley Gardens is like being on a cruise year round."

"Mr. Allen and his staff have such a loving, caring spirit about them. I think Wesley Gardens is the best facility in Montgomery! I would not want my mother to live anyplace else."



Mathison Retirement Community

Panama City, Florida

In notes and letter about Mathison (Panama City, FL):

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for all your thoughtfulness and care."

"Dearest Mary, I wanted to thank you again for just just being you. My mother thought you were wonderful and always appreciated your kind attention. You are such a gift to all those nice people... I am grateful my mother had you nearby."

"The family of XXXX XXXX has nothing but praise and thanks for everyone who had contact with Mom. You treated her with respect and kindness. Please accept these food trays as a small token of our appreciation of how grateful we are that Mom was part of the Mathison family."

"A huge thank you and much appreciation for the kind ways you took care of my family. Your care and love was shown in the many things you did to make my family more comfortable as they became more ill. You each will always be in our hearts and prayers."


Wesley Haven Villa

Wesley Haven Villa

Pensacola, Florida

In an email from Harry about Wesley Haven Villa (Pensacola, FL):

"Thanks so much for your thoughts & caring. Mom “flew home” yesterday mid-day. Thanks to Wesley Haven staff and Hospice staff, the whole process was remarkably smooth and pain-free. ... God IS good…. all the time. As noted above, we have continued to be really pleased by the caring & support from the team at W-h."

In an email from Malcolm about Wesley Haven Villa (Pensacola, FL):

"Just a quick note to observe how happy I am with how well my mother XXXX XXXX is doing in her new home! She is happier than she's been in ~10 or more years, attributable to efforts on her part of course, but she would never have tried without being in such a great environment as your staff and facility provides for her and all the residents. My sister XXXX and I share my mother's palpable enjoyment of the personalities of the staff, all - would hesitate to pick a favorite with so many candidates. Either you are screening at hiring or the world is a better place than I thought."


Epworth House

Epworth House

Selma, Alabama

In letters from residents & family members about Epworth House (Selma, AL):

"There is no comparison between Epworth House and the last facility where I lived. I have been here 1 1/2 years and had no problems with anything. When there is a maintenance problem I know it will be fixed as soon as possible - and it is. I feel safe and secure here and can rest at night knowing someone is here to help me if I need it. Betty Dunkin is always helpful, caring and always doing something nice for all of the residents here. I plan to be here for the duration."

"We have the best manager at Epworth House. Ms. Dunkin treats everyone the same and if she wasn't here I would not be living here. I do not know of another place anywhere around Selma that would be better than EH. The rent is very good and with everything included in the rent you could not find anywhere to compare without paying much more in rent. I love living here."

"When my brother and I were looking for a place for our mother to live we looked at many apartments in Selma and found Epworth House to be the best. We found it to be the safest with the most activities provided: the van trips, Bible studies, interaction with other residents and overall stimulating atmosphere for mother. I already had seen Epworth House and the staff when visiting my mother-in-law and found Betty Dunkin and the staff to be friendly, helpful and caring. There is a family atmosphere among the residents and staff and they help each other. We liked the security, safety and feel at ease knowing there is an emergency system for mother if she needs anything at Epworth House."