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Dear Wesley Place on Honeysuckle Friends and Family

June 20, 2017

As we have now wrapped up our major construction and renovation efforts, we are wrapping up this redevelopment update that I have been privileged to use to communicate with you on this special part of our journey. Some of you may know that we had to say goodbye to our long-time Administrator and friend Jeff Kirby, as he found a career opportunity back at his dear hometown that he simply could not pass up. So, in this final issue of the Redefining Home Update, it is my privilege to introduce you to the new Administrator and Executive Director of Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, Patrick Davies, who joined our team on Monday!

June Spotlight…Meet Patrick R. Davies, NHA

Patrick R. Davies Patrick has been a licensed administrator for more than 25 years, and worked in senior care across the southeast region for more than 23 years. Most recently, Patrick was employed as the Administrator at Bay Center Nursing and Rehabilitation in Panama City, FL, a community of Eleus Health Services out of Jacksonville, FL, where he served as a Regional Vice President for five years.

Patrick’s interest in senior care began a long time ago. Enlisting the support of his family, Patrick began volunteering at a county-run nursing home 30 miles from home when he was only 13 years old. This early experience affected his life’s direction. “When I was 13, I volunteered in the activities department and it was the most magical place I’d ever seen in my life. It taught me that every person is a person, regardless of his or her abilities, physically and mentally. We all need to see them as people, and understand that they have all the same joys and sadness that we all experience. I knew then that this is where I wanted to be.”

In high school Patrick joined a cooperative program and went to work in a hospital, earning $2.15 per hour in his first job in health care. He received special permission to take an EMT course, and became an emergency medical technician before he graduated high school, which helped him in his work in the emergency room at the time. He continued working at the hospital all through high school and college, and eventually progressed to become the purchasing manager. Patrick said he used all of these experiences to season himself, until he felt ready to take on the responsibilities of long-term care. Patrick explained, “When you take on an Administrator role in long-term care, it is a critical position. A person has to be ready for it. I got to a place where I thought I was managerially experienced enough to take on that responsibility.”

When asked about what attracted him to seek the position at Wesley Place on Honeysuckle, Patrick said he finds that the whole neighborhood and household concept fits with his core in the way we restore respect and dignity to the long-term care setting. He said that Wesley Place on Honeysuckle is the example of what long-term care should be in America. “When you go into a traditional nursing facility, you give up everything – your routines (because someone tells you, “I can fit you into a shower at this time.”), you give up your bath linens, your ability to ride to the McDonald’s and get a cup of coffee, and all that independence,” said Patrick. “Wesley Place on Honeysuckle is striving to give all of that back. That is the way we should be treating our seniors.”

As for hobbies, Patrick loves to work with his hands and is about to finish the rehabbing of a 1932 bungalow craftsman home. His wife Kerri enjoys reining horses, a western style riding competition, guiding horses through specific pattern of circles, spins and stops. He and Kerri raised five children. Three of them are carrying on the family tradition in the nursing field, one is a teacher in the Birmingham area, and the other obtained a degree in computer science and works for ancestry.com.

To our residents and their families, Patrick wants to say, “I’m here to serve you, always. 24/7 and 365 days a year, I am at your service. And as we go through this culture change journey, it’s only natural to run into challenges and things that we need to work out, so keeping the lines of communication open is essential. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and learning more about you.”

Thank you allowing me to communicate with you directly about our physical redevelopment and cultural reorganization efforts over the past 17 months. Our course has been set, but the journey has just begun. Your support of Wesley Place on Honeysuckle is, today and in the future, very much appreciated.

Very truly yours,
Christopher W. Tomlin
President & CEO
Methodist Homes of Alabama & Northwest Florida